Tips for Winterizing Your External Air Conditioning Unit

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Winter has had a slow start here in Utah, but it is coming. And caring for your AC now will insure a successful start next summer when [...]

Why to Cover an AC Unit in the Winter

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Generally speaking, you do not want to cover your air conditioning unit during the winter. We have explained this in great detail mentioning the risks of animals, [...]

Wait! Don’t cover that Air Conditioning Unit this Winter!

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In getting ready for winter, many people want to keep all the bad things out of their AC to insure that it runs well again next spring. [...]

Should I Cover My AC This Winter?

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Quick answer - no. Photo Cred: If you've invested thousands in a high-quality external air conditioning unit to keep your house cool in the [...]

10 Steps To Keep Your AC Running Smooth

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10 Easy Steps to Keep Your Air-Conditioning Unit Running Smoothly Excerpt shortened from the original post by DIY Network Regular cleaning and maintenance will save you money [...]