Quick answer – no.

No on AC Covers

Photo Cred: TrustHomeSense.com

If you’ve invested thousands in a high-quality external air conditioning unit to keep your house cool in the summertime, you may be thinking,

“I should protect my new AC from the elements in the winter by covering it!”

On the surface, it would seem to make sense to shield it from biting wind and an accumulation of snow and ice. You want to avoid costly air conditioning repair, and who doesn’t?

However, the decision is more complex.  Most likely, you may actually do more harm than good by covering an external AC unit. Remember, while some circumstances warrant protection, an external air conditioning unit is built to withstand most weather conditions.

Here are some thoughts to give you more clarity:

  • What if my covered AC was so protected, a family of squirrels came inside for the winter. BAD – this will cause big issues next spring! Chewing on wires, dying in your unit – all messy.
  • Moisture, Mildew & Mold – we know these can be bad. And covering your AC creates the perfect environment for any or all of these horrible issues to grow and injure your AC experience.

So, before you take the time to protect your AC from the harsh winter conditions, it is a good idea to weigh the benefits and risks. For more details about when to cover and when not to cover your AC, read our complete article here.