Winter has had a slow start here in Utah, but it is coming. And caring for your AC now will insure a successful start next summer when temperatures heat up again.

Here are 4 simple steps to winterizing your external air conditioner this to winterize your ac

1. Clean up the area around outside air conditioner unit

First things first make sure you do a perimeter check of at least 2-feet around your unit. Sticks, leaves and any other debris can build up around or even inside your system. Simply clear the area and remove completely far enough away to make sure wind doesn’t carry it back toward the unit.

2. Turn off exterior power to the outdoor A/C unit

To prevent your air conditioner from starting up on a warm day, a good idea is to turn off the disconnect switch. This is located near the outdoor condensing unit. It is always best to call a professional if you have trouble finding the switch. They should be able to walk you through this process no problem.

3. Keep your pipes from freezing by Insulate your pipes

Any exposed pipes are at risk of freezing if you live in such conditions. Cover any exposed pipes with foam or rubber pipe insulation. Be sure to cut the insulation to size and secure it in place.

4. Covers/ covering your outside unit

There are very few times that your system should be covered completely and not following some simple guidelines can actually cause more complications. Air conditioning units that are completely covered are more prone to nesting animals. It may also cause condensation under the cover and potentially cause mold and mildew to build up. Outdoor air conditioners are designed to be outside, and should withstand the elements fairly well on their own. However, there are some times you may want to have a full cover around your unit. Blizzard conditions or hailstorms are good occasions to cover your air conditioner completely, until the worst is over and you can remove the cover once again. For more information about when to cover your AC, read this post.

For more information about winterizing your air conditioner, when to cover it and why you almost never should, read the complete article here.